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Robotic pool cleaning technology is gaining a strong, loyal group of pool owners in the Australian market – it is one of the fastest-growing product categories in the pool industry. With a plethora of new robots entering the market it is worth asking why this is happening and what makes robots better than other cleaning products.

One answer is value for money. Robots have a significant number of end-user features compared to all other pool cleaners.

Superior cleaning ability

Systematic – Many robot cleaners are systematic. The ones that are systematic have in-built electronics, with sensors, logic and controls to enable the robot to navigate the pool. “The better ones actually map the pool each time they are installed. This means they provide superior coverage and don’t get stuck.”

Brushing, scrubbing – Robots are designed not simply to suck debris from a pool but actually scrub to the surface as well. Some also have extra brushes designed to work independently at high speed.

Independent filtration – Robots can have on board their own independent filtering system. This removes debris from the water and filters as it goes. Comparisons show this to be at a very high level compared to pressure cleaners.

Strong suction power – Robots also often have an extremely strong suction power, ranging up to 250 litres per minute. That’s as much as the main filter pump in many pools.

Wall climbing and waterline scrubbing – The enormous suction creates an additional benefit: it enables the robot to climb walls (shown below left), benches and ledges and once at the surface they can be programmed to scrub the waterline as well.

Easy to use

Robots are extremely easy to use: place them in the water and press the “on” switch. There is no need for hoses, floats, bumps or booster pumps.

Robotic Pool Cleaners
Good Robotic Pool Cleaners
Good Robotic Pool Cleaners
Good Robotic Pool Cleaners

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